How To Fix Xcode Error Failed To Find Or Create Execution Context For Description IBCocoaTouchPlatformToolDescription

When i upgrade my Xcode to version 10.3 and build my iOS project, i meet an error message like this Failed to find or create execution context for description ‘<IBCocoaTouchPlatformToolDescription: 0x7fe0cfa54080> System content for IBCocoaTouchFramework-ElevenAndLater <IBScaleFactorDeviceTypeDescription: 0x7fe0cfa63cb0> scaleFactor=2x’. These intermediate objects were non-nil:. This error confused me a lot of time. But finally i find the solution about how to fix it.

1. Restart Your Mac Computer.

The simplest way to fix this error is just restart your mac computer. Then when you build your iOS app in Xcode, this error will disappear.

2. Run Command To Kill The Core Simulator Service.

  1. Open a terminal and run below command to kill the core simulator service.
    sudo killall -9
  2. After that, clean the iOS build folder and rebuild the iOS app again, the error will disappear.
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