How To Fix The Item Can Not Be Copied Because It Is Too Large For The Volume’s Format When Copy File From MacOS To USB Disk

When i copy an iso file from MacOS to a USB disk, i meet Item Can Not Be Copied Because It Is Too Large For The Volume’s Format error message like below. This article will tell you how to fix this error.

the item can not be copied because it is too large for the volume's format error message

1. Why It Is Too Large For The Volume’s Format.

The reason for this error is because the USB disk format is windows dos format, such as fat32. The dos format disk max single file size is 4 GB. So when the copied file is large than 4 GB, then the error will be happened.

We can find the USB disk format use MacOS disk utility tool.

  1. Click Finder —> Applications —> Utilities —> Disk Utility to open the disk utility tool.double click disk utility app
  2. Click the usb disk in left panel, then you can see the disk volume format is MS-DOS(FAT32) in right panel.
    disk utility usb disk dos fat 32 disk format

2. How To Fix It Is Too Large For The Volume’s Format Error.

To fix this error, you need to reformat the usb disk with MacOS disk format such as Mac OS Extend(Journaled). But if you want to use the USB disk to transfer big file from MacOS to Windows, you need to reformat it with ExFAT format, otherwise, Windows will not recognize the disk format and need to format it when you plug the USB disk to PC.

  1. Select the USB disk in MacOS Disk Utility tool, please note, you should select the disk carefully, do not select the main disk.
  2. Then click Erase icon at top menu bar, and select Mac OS Extended ( Journaled ) disk format in the dropdown list. Click the Erase button to reformat the usb disk.
    reformat usb disk with mac os extend format
  3. When the reformat process complete, you can copy the big file from MacOS to the USB disk.
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