TestNG Tutorial

original testng report example testng.xml and java files

We have introduced TestNG default report html and xml files in article TestNG Report Example. But you may find it is not enough for you. Because the original reports generated […]

testng suite xml generation

When you create and run a TestNG project, it will generate a lot of html or xml report files. The report files include huge amount of useful information that can help […]

testng report test method execute order

TestNG is an automation test framework. It has a lot of useful features such as graphic execution result reports, annotation support etc. And selenium webdriver is popular in web based […]

eclipse help installation details menu

You have learned how to download and run TestNG with command line in article TestNG First Example. But it is so inconvenient. There is an Eclipse plugin which can help […]

testng jar file in maven repository folder

TestNG is an automated test framework which can be used to make all kinds of test includes unit, integration and functional test etc. It is inspired by JUnit but more easier […]