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python html test runner generated html test report

Python 3 Unittest Html And Xml Report Example

Unit test is very useful and helpful in programming. Python provide built-in unittest module for you to test python class and functions. With third party modules such as html-testRunner and xmlrunner , you can also generate test case reports in html or xml format. This article will tell you how to do that.

pydev --> interpreters ---> python interpreter

How To Add Python Module Library In Eclipse PyDev

When you develop python application with eclipse PyDev plugin, you always need to use some third party python module libraries. This article will just tell you how to add the third party python module library in your eclipse PyDev project and how to use the library in your source code.

How To Run Python In Eclipse With PyDev

Eclipse is the most popular IDE for java development. A lot of user are familiar with it. Besides java project, it can also be used to develop Python application. This article just want to tell you how to use it to develop Python application.