Android UI

Android Analog, Digital And Text Clock Example

Android provides three clock widgets that you can use to implement a clock. They are android.widget.AnalogClock, android.widget.DigitalClock and android.widget.TextClock. The AnalogClock and DigitalClock class have been deprecated since Android SDK version 1.7, but they can still be used. TextClock class is recommended.

Android Multi AutoComplete TextView Example

android.widget.MultiAutoCompleteTextView class is used to implement multiple auto-complete input text control in android applications. It behaves similar to the class android.widget.AutoCompleteTextView, the difference is that it can let you input text with autocomplete function multiple times. Each text in the input text box is separated by a specified token string.

Android CheckBox Example

The CheckBox object is a widely used UI component in android applications. android.widget.CheckBox is the java class that implements the checkbox in android. This article will show you an example of how to use this class and how to use the OnCheckedChangeListener to listen to the checkbox selection change event.

Android Radio Button Example

The android.widget.RadioButton class is used to implement the radio button UI component in android applications. The android.widget.RadioGroup class is used to group multiple android.widget.RadioButton objects into one group. Then you can get user selected radio button and it’s values.