How To Fix Java Unsupported major.minor Version 51.0 Exception

When you run a program in Eclipse or command line. You may encounter the following exception java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Unsupported major.minor version 51.0. This is because your java class compiler version is bigger than the java class runtime version. In my environment, my java runtime version is 1.6, but my eclipse java compiler version is 1.8. So …

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Selenium Overview

Selenium is an automation test framework, it is mainly used to test web applications, it is open source and free. With this tool, test cases can be run directly in web browsers just like a real human operate the web browsers. It supports a lot of web browsers(Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari, etc). Selenium also …

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Software Testing Classification

There are a lot of terminologies in the software testing area, and these terminologies confused so many software testing beginners. Different methods can be classified from different points of view. So here is a summary of common software testing-related terms, you will have a general understanding of them after reading this article.