How To Wrap Text In Excel Cell

In this article, I will tell you how to wrap text in an excel cell manually and automatically when you input longer text in the excel worksheet cell.

1. Wrap Text In Excel WorkSheet Cell Manually.

  1. Input text in the excel worksheet cell.
  2. Press Alt + Enter ( Windows ) or Option + Enter ( macOS ) key to add a new break line in the cell.
  3. Now you can input more text in a new line.

2. Wrap Excel Cell Text Automatically.

  1. Input long text in excel worksheet cell.
  2. Click Home —> Wrap Text menu item to wrap the text.
  3. If you want the excel cell text to align to the top of the cell after being wrapped, you can click Home —> Top Align menu item to align it.
  4. You can also click Home —> Format —> Format Cells menu item to open the Format Cells dialog window.
  5. Click the Alignment tab and check the Wrap text checkbox in the Text control section. Then click the OK button to apply it.

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