How To Verify Website Panel (ISPConfig, BT, WHM Etc ) Can Serve Multiple Website Use Same IP On Same Port Number

I have two websites both build with WordPress. I manage the two websites use website panel. And one website can be accessed correctly but the other can not. The two websites all use the Cloudflare service. The only difference is that one website use ezoic in front of Cloudflare.

So I wonder whether website panel can support multiple websites use the same IP and same port number(80). This article will tell you how to verify that. I think this method can be used to verify other website panels (ISPConfig, WHM ) also.

1. Verify WebSite Panel Can Run Multiple WebSites Use Same IP And Same Port Number(80) Steps.

  1. To implement this test, you should turn off any proxy server client or v2ray client because we will use the local OS DNS feature. Otherwise, this test can not be passed.
  2. Create multiple websites with test domains ( fake domains for example, ) in the BT panel ( How To Install BT VPS Control Panel And Restore WordPress Website Into It ). The test domain must start with www because when you browse the above domain in the web browser, it will always add www as the domain prefix.
  3. Because the domain is for test only, so do not need to create a database for the domain website. Just edit the domain website index.html file and write some special text in it.
  4. Do not forget to restart the server after creating the website in the BT panel. You can click 首页 —> 重启 to restart all servers or just restart Nginx / reload Nginx configuration settings in 软件商店 —> 已安装 —> Nginx 设置.
  5. Now edit the hosts file in your local machine ( mine is a mac book pro then the file is /etc/hosts), and add the below DNS record in it. ( How To Modify Hosts File In MacHow To Edit Hosts File In Mac OS And Linux, How To Edit Hosts File In Windows 10 )
  6. Open a terminal and ping the above two domains to verify the domain IP mapping is correct.
  7. Now when you browse the above domains in a web browser, you can see the two domain websites are all running as expected. And the two domain websites use the same IP and same port number(80).

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