How To Turn On / Off Sticky Ad In Ezoic

A sticky ad is an anchor ad that can be located at the sidebar or bottom of a web page. The sticky ad will not disappear when you scroll the web page. The sticky ad is not allowed for every website, it is just allowed for big website publishers.

Ezoic has the ability to let you show or hide sticky ads for both mobile, desktop, and tablet web page versions. This article will tell you how to turn sticky ads on / off in Ezoic.

1. Turn On / Off Ezoic Sticky Ads.

  1. Login to your Ezoic manager website.
  2. Click the Dashboard tab on the top menu bar, then click the Ad Tester icon to go to the ad tester page.
  3. Locate to Site-wide Ads section, click the button Desktop, Tablet, Mobile to turn it on or off for different devices. Then the sticky ads will be shown or hide at the web page footer.

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