How To Send Email Use Gmail Free SMTP Service

Gmail SMTP server is a free service which you can use to send emails free. But it has some limitations, for example you can just send up to 100 emails for one day, but it is enough for small business, because you can send 3000 emails through free Gmail SMTP server in one month. This article will tell you how to setup Gmail SMTP server and how to use it to send emails.

1. Turn On Google Account Allow Less Secure Apps Option.

Generally we will use a third-party email client tool ( Thunderbird, Outlook or even python source code ) to send emails through gmail smtp server. So if you want these less secure apps to access your gmail account, you need follow article How Do I Enable Less Secure Apps On Gmail to turn on Allow less secure apps option. Otherwise you may meet below error message when you send the email through google smtp server. Error Message : Login to account free gmail smtp server failed.

login free gmail smtp server failed

2. Enable Gmail SMTP POP3 IMAP Services.

Now you need to enable gmail SMTP/POP3 and IMAP services follow below steps.

  1. Login to your gmail account.
  2. Click the gear icon at the top right corner, then click Settings menu item.
    click gmail gear settings menu item
  3. Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab in the Settings page. Then click Enable POP for all mail and Enable IMAP radio button. Now the gmail smtp server has been enabled.
    gmail settings forwarding and pop:imap

3. Send Email Through Free Gmail SMTP Server.

Now i will show you how to send emails in email client tool ( Thunderbird ) through above gmail smtp server.

  1. Download and install Thunderbird.
  2. Create a email account in Thunderbird. My email account is just a local email account which do not exist in the internet, but it can also send emails through gmail smtp server. Please read article How To Connect Localhost Apache James With Thunderbird section 4.Use Thunderbird To Connect Apache James Mail Server On Localhost to learn more.
    use thunderbird to send receieve email between two apache james email user
  3. Right click one email account ( for example [email protected] ), click Settings menu item in the popup menu list. Then click Outgoing Server (SMTP) menu item in left panel.
  4. Click Add button to add a smtp server. Input in Server Name input box. The Port number is changed automatically when you select different value in Connection security dropdown list. When you select STARTTLS, the port number change to 587, when you select SSL/TLS, the port number change to 465. The User Name is your gmail email address.
    configure default smtp server in thunderbird
  5. Click OK button to save the settings and make sure the smtp server is the default smtp server(outgoing server). To make sure it is working, you can left only above one smtp server in the list.
  6. Now click Thunderbird Write button menu to create an email, input to email address and email content, click Send button to send it. You can receive the sent email in the target email box after some time. If you can not receive the email in time, you can check whether it is exist in the target email spam email box or not.
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