How To Notify WordPress Article Commenter Their Comment Has Been Approved Or Replied

WordPress comments play an important role in your blog, more comments mean more activity, can generate more content, and can attract more traffic and more revenue. But there are two comments issue in the default WordPress website which needs to be improved. This article will tell you what they are and how to improve.

1. Two WordPress Default Comment System Issue That Will Let You Lose Potential Visitors.

When a commenter post a comment in a WordPress article, sometimes their comment needs to be approved by the website administrator. And the approval notification can not be sent to the commenter email by default in WordPress to notify them of the comment approval.

When a comment has been answered by others, the WordPress system also does not send a notification to the commenter to tell him that his comment has been answered by somebody, he can get the answer. These two default behaviour will make your website lose potential visitors.

2. How To Notify WordPress Commenter That Their Comment Has Been Approved.

  1. To avoid such kinds of issues, you can use a WordPress plugin, I recommend wpDiscuz to you. It is very powerful and easy to use.
  2. If you like this article I will continue to write how to use the wpDiscuz WordPress plugin to make your WordPress website comments system more powerful, active to attract readers, traffic and revenue.

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