How To Insert Chart In Excel

In this article, I will tell you how to insert a column chart ( bar chart ) in excel based on multiple excel cell data in an excel worksheet. You can customize the column chart Chart Title, Axes, Axis Titles, Data Labels, Data Table, Legend, Trend Lines, etc. You can also customize the chart style and column color and filter out the chart column by column values and names.

1. How To Insert Column Chart In Excel By Cell Data Example.

  1. First, you should provide some cell data in an excel worksheet.
  2. In this example, there are four rows. The first row is a merged row with the chart title in it.
  3. The second row is the month value row.
  4. The third row is iOS device sale values for each month.
  5. The fourth row is Android device sale values for each month.
  6. Select the second, third, and fourth rows. Then click Insert —> Insert Column or Bar Chart drop-down list in the Charts group.
  7. It will list a lot of bar chart templates such as 2-D Column, 3-D Column, 2-D Bar, and 3-D Bar, you can select the one which you need.
  8. If you want more charts, you can click the More Column Charts menu item at the bottom of the drop-down list. It will prompt a dialog to let you select more chart templates. The chart template includes both column charts and other style charts.
  9. You can also click the Recommended Charts icon in the Charts group, then select a column chart from the popup Change Chart Type window.
  10. As an example, we just select the default column chart template. You can also press Alt + F1 to create the default column chart by the selected cell data.
  11. Double click the Chart Title to input your own chart title.
  12. Select the chart, there will show an + icon on the top right side, click it will list all the Chart Elements which you can use.
  13. Click the second brush icon on the chart top right corner, it will display the chart style and color options. You can select different chart styles and colors.
  14. If you just want to show partial column data in the column chart, you can click the third filter icon on the chart’s top right side. Then you can select which columns or rows of data do not need to be created in the chart by unchecking the checkbox before it. But you do not forget to click Apply button to save the changes after selection.
  15. If you want to change the column chart style, you can click the chart, and then click the Chart Tools —> Chart Design tab on the excel top menu bar. Then select a char style that you want from the Chart Styles group.

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