How To Find The Biggest Size Video Or Image File In WordPress Website And Make Them Smaller To Improve Web Site Performance

My website traffic dropdown day by day, but all the articles is unique and original written by me, and almost one year ago, it has high traffic, so this confused me a lot. But recently I finally find the reason, maybe it is because there are some big image or video files on some of my web page, and these big size image and video files slow down my web page speed. So I should find the big size image and video files in my WordPress website and remove them or make them smaller. Now I will tell you how can I do that.

1. How To Find The Large Size Image Or Video Files On WordPress Website And Make Them Smaller To Improve Web Site Page Load Speed.

  1. Login to the WordPress website with the administrator permission account.
  2. Click the Media —> Library menu item in the left side navigator pane to go to the Media Library web page.
  3. Input the video file extension such as .mp4 in the web page right side Search text box.
  4. Click the Filter button before the Search text box.
  5. Then it will list all the .mp4 files below the Search text box.
  6. You should download all the .mp4 files one by one and then publish them to your youtube channel and then embedded them on your web page. This process can reduce the web page size. After that, you should remove the .mp4 file from your WordPress website.
  7. Input the .gif in the Search text box and click the Filter button to list all the .gif images.
  8. You should download all the .gif files one by one and convert them to .mp4 files, and then publish them on your youtube channel also.
  9. You should filter out all the .png, .jpeg,.jpg, and other format files and convert them to .webp format image files to use on your web page because google will give your web page a higher page rank score when you use .webp format image on your web page.
  10. After the above actions, I finally found my website traffic comes back again after about one week, which makes me very happy.
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