How To Find Large Files On macOS

One day my MacBook Pro prompt a dialog window tell me that the free disk space is low. And I need to remove some files to make the disk space enough to run apps. My policy is to find the largest files on my macOS and then delete them. This can make the free disk space task more easy and efficient. This article will tell you how do i achieve this.

1. Find and Delete Largest Files On macOS Use Finder Search Feature.

  1. Open a Finder window and select your MacBook Pro at left side in Locations section.
  2. Then press Command + F to open the Search This Mac window at right side.
  3. If there are no search item in right list, you can click the plus button ( + ) after Save button to add one. If there has search item in the list, you can edit it or click the plus button ( + ) at the end of the search item to add a new search item.
  4. Click the first drop down list ( search attribute list ) in the search item, and select the list item Other, it will open the Select a search attribute popup window.
  5. Input File Size in the search box, and check the checkbox at the end of File Size search attribute, click OK button.
  6. Now it will return to the Finder search window, and File Size has been selected in the first search attribute drop down list. You can select is greater than in the second selection list after it, and input the minimum file size number (for example 1) in the input text box after is greater than, and select the file size unit for example GB in the last drop down list.
  7. Now all the files that match the search condition will be listed under the search item, the files list is dynamic that means if some files have been deleted from your MacBook Pro, it will also disappear from the list.
  8. There are three columns in the list, they are Name, Kind and Date Last Opened. You can click each column title to sort the files list.
  9. If you want to delete a file, just select it, and right-click the mouse key, then click Move to Trash menu item.
  10. To save this search condition for later use, click Save button at the Finder search window top right corner.
  11. Input a name in the popup dialog and check the Add To Sidebar checkbox, click Save button.
  12. Now it will add a new item in macOS Finder window left side Favorites section, you can click it to run the search when you need.

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