How to create java project with myeclipse

How to create java project with myeclipse

Hello, today i will show you how to create java project with myeclipse. It is same in eclipse, but i use myeclipse so i just show you how to create it with myeclipse.

Before using MyEclipse to start writing java code, you should download and install JDK and MyEclipse first. I use jdk1.7 in my example, so i prefer you to use jdk1.7 also.

You need goto to download eclipse in a zip file. Unzip the downloaded zip file into a folder and create a shortcut for eclipse executable file in desktop. Then you can click the shortcut to start eclipse.

After launch eclipse.
1. Click Window —> Preferences in the top toolbar.
2. Click Java —> Installed JREs in left panel of the popup window.
3. Check whether the jdk1.7 is added or not in right panel.
4. If not, click “Add” button to add jdk1.7(should be jdk, not jre)

change window preferences

check just installed jdk in eclipse window preferences

Now we can create our first java project using myeclipse.

First, you need to open the myeclipse enterprise workbench. After you open it, Click File —> New —> Java Project.

How to create java project with myeclipse File---New---Java Project

And then, input the project name Dev2QASampleCode because my project is used to create selenium webdriver example code for my website, so i just use the name Dev2QASampleCode.

Select the location where you store the jave code for your project. I choose following directory. C:/Workspace/iwriter_articles/

How to create java project with myeclipse project settings

Then click next, You can see default src folder and bin folder under Dev2QASampleCode. We do not need to add any jar library now, we will add them if we need them later. Then click finish button, now the project has been created, you can create example java code for now. Thanks.

How to create java project with myeclipse src and bin folder

Following is a youtube video for above process.

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