How To Backup Bluehost Account WebSite Files

This article will tell you how to configure daily, weekly, and monthly automatic backup for the Bluehost VPS website correctly.

  1. Login to your Bluehost VPS account WHM admin panel with root user. You can ask Bluehost live support to know how to access it. The WHM URL is http://your-VPS-server-IP-address:2086.
  2. Then click Backup —> Backup Configuration menu item in the WHM left navigation pane.
  3. Then you can choose Backup Type on the right side Backup Settings detail page, I always choose Compressed backup type. You can also check the Check the Available Disk Space checkbox, and input a percentage number in the text box, so only when the available disk space bigger than the percentage, the backup will start.
  4. In the Scheduling and Retention section, you can choose Daily Backup, Weekly Backup, or Monthly Backup. Click the checkbox before it to expand and set detail configurations.
  5. You can also change the backup target directory in Configure the Backup Directory section, the default backup folder is /backup, you can change it to yours. You should check the checkbox Retain Backups in the Default Backup Directory, then it will retain all the backup files in the backup directory that you input. Click the Save Configuration button to save the changes.
  6. After all, click the Save Configuration button to save all your changes. Now the backup will be started automatically according to your settings. You can see the backup target file created in the backup directory. If your disk space is not free, you should download each backup file and delete it from the BlueHost VPS server to make next backup run without error.

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