Java Tutorial

This example show you how to check if a string content is numeric or not. It provide totally six methods to use. package com.dev2qa.calculatorexample; import java.util.regex.Matcher; import java.util.regex.Pattern; /** * […]

android rating bar example

android.widget.RatingBar is used to represent rating bar in android applation. It is subclass of android.widget.ProgressBar, so it behaves similar with ProgressBar. This article will tell you how to use RatingBar […]

java decimal format example

We often need to format numbers, such as taking two decimal places for a number, show only integer part of a number etc. Java provide java.text.DecimalFormat class, which can helps […]

java timezone example console output

When you set a date time value in java, you may encounter time zone issue. You will find the date time you get use java.util.Calendar class will always use the […]